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February 5, 2013
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You lay on your bed, looking over some designs in your room. The designs were yours, and you were proud of them. The were designs of puppets, wooden ones as well as some human puppets. But the idea of the human puppets would have to be put aside for a while. You had yet to create your first puppet since learning from your new sensei, so you still had a long way to go. You were in the Akatsuki lair, but you weren't one of them. You actually had no intention of becoming one; the reason you sought one of them out was because you wanted to become his apprentice in puppetry, as well as human puppetry, a macabre interest you had developed since young. Of course, you had learnt a lot about the art of puppeteering from those who knew it, but the knowledge of human puppets were dissatisfying, and you couldn't sate your thirst of some hands-on experience in that area. So of course, you sensei was Sasori Akasuna, or Sasori of the Red Sands.

Light traces of shock still lingered in your mind; you couldn't believe that Sasori would accept you as a student. You had followed him in a daze, almost stumbling over a few logs. You were slightly known around your village, but you never fought in broad daylight; you preferred the cover of the dark, and you were more comfortable with it. Among the people who knew you (You hardly had friends, mainly because you were simply too engrossed in puppetry to make them), you were known as the perfectionist and the one who loved to draw humans. Or so they thought. You were actually drawing designs of marionettes, but  no one had really paid attention to your work anyways. You specialised in [Favourite type of Jutsu], and you were a [Favourite element] type.

You got out of your bed and stretched. You had woken up early and edited the designs, after all, you were going to ask Sasori to help you with them. And since you knew how much he hated wasting time, you wanted to make sure there wasn't any obvious or stupid mistakes in your work. Your bedroom was small, only able to fir a desk, a chair, a wardrobe and a bed. The toilet was down the hall outside the door. Your old designs were stuck on the wall with tacks, and the floor had the occasional pencil laying on it. How you managed to attain so many pencils in your life still confused you (As well as the occasional Akatsuki member that happened to see you (And that one who accidentally saw you in the showers *cough cough Zetsu cough cough*)). You walked out of the door and quietly snuck down the hallway, because in about 5 minutes, Hidan would come crashing out of the door, yelling about something to do with his god, Jashin, and then Kakuzu would come out and contain him. Then Deidara would get angry because he would be in the middle of tying his hair (Which you found very pretty-you often had to resist the urge to start messing with it). Itachi would then come out, followed by Kisame and Itachi would glare at Deidara, causing him to glare back but walk off to the hall. Sasri would just walk there, apathetic. So... it was bet you went to the dining area before chaos broke out. It was actually quite funny at how the routine repeated itself very often; the only time it changed was when Deidara shoved an explosive in Hidan's mouth, and everyone had to stop him from yelling,

Much to your surprise, Sasori was already there at the table. Of course, he wasn't eating anything, but you knew he was there to help contain the oncoming chaos and take note of any announcements that might by said by Leader-Sama.
"Good morning, Sasori-Sensei." You greeted.
"[y/n]-Gakusei." He said. It actually sounded more like a statement. -Gakusei wasn't used much nowadays, but Sasori had a tendency to be extremely formal. It meant you were his student. You assumed that he came here, like you, to avoid the morning havoc. You got yourself some [Favourite kind of drink]. While you were doing that, you stole a glance at Sasori's face. His eyes were closed, as if sleeping or meditating. You actually developed a crush on Sasori, but you hoped that it would pass soon - The age difference was a little bit wide, he was your teacher and not to mention he was a puppet! How could he feel things like love when he was made of wood? Of course, when you first found out about him, you had a small fangirl crush. But after being his student for about a month, you really started developing feelings for him. His silky, scarlet hair and his beautiful voice... his knowledge on puppets and the fact he was a master in puppetry...


....Oh dear god, the daily morning routine just started.


It's pretty late here, but I felt guilty for not submitting anything really.

So, part one of the promised fix - If I have anything wrong, please tell me! I'll edit it as soon as I can!

Next one: [link]

You (c) Yourself
The rest (c) Masashi Kishimoto
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Dear god....I  thought we were nuts...but Hidan took the prize from us......THAT IMMORTAL ASSHAT...
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