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February 24, 2013
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"What's so interesting about danna's work, anyway?" Deidara said, in a bored tone. You were in the living room (More like, a room with a TV and a sofa, that opens up to the mess hall :3) re-sketching your earlier designs to fit Sasori's comments. You were sat on the floor, drawing on the coffee table and Deidara was sitting on the sofa, flicking through random channels. Tobi was sitting next to you, but he was quiet because he was using your colour pencils to draw... something. "It's all, eternal this, eternal that, un. It gets boring." Deidara often pestered you, because your patience wasn't as thin as Sasori's and you usually tried to answer his questions. Or retorted with something else, whatever.
"Well, I suppose something permanent is good..." You said, glancing at him.
"I didn't finish." You said, cutting him off. "Something permanent says that it will never fade, so we do not need to feel the pain of losing something. Or... that's what it means to me..." You faltered, not sure why Sasori felt this. Deidara took advantage of your silence and launched in to a full blown lecture of why his art was superior.
"Art is an explosion because..." You tuned him out. You already heard him say that to you a million times.
"Trying to influence someone else again?" A silky, yet apathetic voice filled your ears, and you sighed in relief. Deidara would shut up now. You faced Sasori and you bowed your head.

You were training outside the Akatsuki lair, with a puppet that Sasori had made quite a long time ago. Still, it was in fantastic condition. Well, you were actually sat down, taking a break and sipping some [F/Drink]. Sasori had somewhat complained (If he was capable of complaining, ha ha) that humans were annoying - they could feel tired and pain, etc.
"I hate wasting my time by taking breaks." He grumbled as he sat down next to you. "Don't take too long and test my patience." You took another sip and asked,
"Sasori-Sensei, if you're, uh... made of wood, does it mean you can't feel emotions?" He looked at you, slightly surprised.
"Hm... I thought you'd be able to answer this yourself. Of course I can't." He said sharply. You felt a small pang of pain in your heart. Of course, you should've known it already.
"I'm sorry for wasting our time." You apologised. You knew that even something as small as an irrelevant question could make Sasori a little bit angry. A short silence followed.
"What do you think of Deidara?" You were slightly taken back, because this wasn't related to the lesson at all.
"Um... he's... okay?" You said, hesitating in your words. "I mean... his sense of art-"
"If he has any." Sasori mumbled.
"-Is very unique, and I appreciate it... but of course, I believe your art makes much more sense than his." You said quickly.
"... If you had a chance to learn how to..." Sasori seemed to struggle to find the right words. "Learn how to... explode things, would you?"
"No, definately not."
"Stop lying to me."
"Well... maybe, I'm not sure..." You admitted. Honestly, you had a retort at the tip of your tongue but you really, really did not want to become poisoned and then left on the ground to die.
"Time's up; We resume training."

"Hey! Sasori no Danna!" Sasori immediately became annoyed.
"What is it, Deidara?" He said irritably, flicking the TV off. Well, maybe he was lying when he said he couldn't feel anything. He could definitely feel annoyance.
"Do you think that [Y/n]-chan is sexy, un?" Sasori's eyes immediately widened. [Y/n]-Gakusei? Sexy? He had never, ever thought about that, but the question Deidara raised certainly bought a whole lot of uncomfortable feelings.
"Hey, Sasori no Danna, sorry about that, un. I was playing truth or dare with Kisame and Tobi, yeah." Sasori glared and shuffled up to his feet.
"Don't waste my time on such a pathetic question again." He growled. He went to his room and slammed the door, obviously moody. But the question still lingered in his mind.

Huh. Training was going to get a little bit awkward, especially since Tobi approached you in the kitchen asking you if you thought Sasori was sexy. Ah, well, you requested for Tobi to ask Kisame if he thought Itachi was sexy - now that would be enough payback.

Kesesese~ The second installation :D AKWARD MEETING OF [Y/N] AND SASORI SHALL BE NEXT~

First: [link]
Next: [link]

You (c) yourself
Everyone else (c) Masashi Kishimoto
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ZackFair13 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014
The awkward part to the end is the most funniest part I ever read
DeidaraHidanTobi Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  Student Photographer
Haha the ending with tobi haha that was funny great
ReiSpirit Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I would do that as payback, I'm just that evil. XD
evetyran Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014  Student General Artist
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ReiSpirit Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
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When I put my name in there what Deidara-san said I was all like :iconblushplz:......wait.....:stare:WHAT!?!:iconohnoplz: WTF DEIDARE I SHOULD CALL YOU DIE-DARA.
Pfft lol the akatsuki are not that evil they deserve their own show xD
Awesome job
evetyran Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Student General Artist
Lol :P Thank youuu~!
lolipopchainsaw Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014  Student Artist
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